Sugar-free, Antioxidant Rich, Strawberry Lemonade

Happy Food for Friday. This is such a delicious, refreshing drink to enjoy especially in the spring and summer! I make it using “Truvia” (a stevia-based sweetener, so my type 1 diabetic husband can enjoy it guilt free.) But you can use whatever sweetener you prefer.


In plastic mixer combine the following ingrediants

3 lemons, juiced (4 lemons if using slices to garnish)

1-2 tbsp Truvia sweetener (or sweetener of choice)

5-7 strawberries, preferably organic, with stews taken off

1 medium-sized handful of ice

2-3 cups purified water

BLEND all ingredients in your bullet, about 40 seconds. Pour into a glass, with a slice of lemon on the rim, and enjoy. Can last up to 3 days in the fridge. Best if enjoyed immediately. We love this guilt-free strawberry lemonade on a hot summer evening! Enjoy your antioxidants!

The secret: use either a high-powered blender, or for a slightly thiner drink use a juicer. I used a Nutribullet for the lemonade pictured, which is a little thicker than a juicer would make it. Either way you make it, you’ll still fall in love. Guilt-free, simple, and easy to make.


Juice following ingrediants

3 lemons, peeled

5-7 strawberries, preferably organic, with stews taken off

Juice, then add the following ingredients:

1-2 tbsp Truvia sweetener, or sweetener of choice. (may have to pre-grind the Truvia in coffee grinder, so it won’t be granular.)

2-3 cups purified water

BEST if chilled before serving, or serve with ice!

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