Low-sugar, Diabetic-friendly PB and Chocolate Bites

I know, I know…too good to be true. Can the words “chocolate” and “low-sugar” actually be used in the same sentence? The answer is yes! My husband is a diabetic, and I’m always looking for delicious but low-sugar treats to make him, that way he never feels like he’s “missing out”. This one’s a winner!Continue reading “Low-sugar, Diabetic-friendly PB and Chocolate Bites”

this is us.

Welcome! This is our little space in the big and beautiful world. Hi, I’m Hannah, my husband Chad, and our kids Brock and Ryley. This is our family journal of; adventure, simple moments shared, food favorites, wellness tips, and helpful hints for diabetics (my hubby’s one). Thanks for stopping by! A little about me –Continue reading “this is us.”