Best essential oil diffusers.

I’ve been using oil’s for several years now, close to 6 to be exact. My mom used them while I was growing up. My “wow moment” didn’t happen until 4 years ago when my genetic Gilbert’s Syndrome was helped due to essential oils, among other factors.

Anyways that being said I have had my fair share of diffusers through the years!

Today I’m sharing some favorites as well as some that I haven’t tried yet but they have great reviews and are a great cost effective option.

As always, I only recommend a certain type of essential oil for inhaling. When you inhale a substance whether it’s pure or toxic, it enters into your bloodstream in measurable amounts within 26 seconds of inhalation. So it’s really important if you’re going to smell something (especially for hours on end) that it is TOP quality. If you’re interested in this, please reach out to me via my email or commenting below.

Hope these diffuser suggestions are a help to you!!

So this first set of three diffusers I personally have not tried! I know LOL why am I suggesting them though?? They are pretty reasonable price-wise and if you are new to using oils and you would rather spend your money on oils that are PURE rather than expensive diffusers, then these are some great options.

My sister has used the top diffuser and she loves it! It is from Amazon and is only $28.99. You can choose wood as the base, or white and I believe one other color option (?) and it’s super cute and compact.

The second one is from Bath and Bodyworks. It is only $69.99. Still a little on the pricey end if you are new. BUT I think it’s super pretty and would look amazing in your bathroom with some Eucalyptus steaming out of it! It would feel like such a spa experience!

And the last one is from the beloved Target. I think it’s my favorite of all three. It’s only $28.99 so VERY reasonable!

Here is another inexpensive Amazon one that I personally have and it works great!

This is the Desert Mist Diffuser, with rose gold top. My favorite of all the young living diffusers I would say! The rose gold has worn away a bit over time. But the holding tank is big, and it has several light options, as well as candle flicker and the option to keep the light off.

Here we have the Dewdrop. It’s not the most ascetically pleasing to the eye-haha. But it gets the job done! I keep this one in our girls room and it works wonderful! I will say I (they) dropped it several times from the dresser and it ended up making weird noises so I had to replace it. But that was after literally years of owning it. Lesson learned?? Don’t keep diffusers where kids can handle them.

This last one is called the Rainstone. I love it because it reminds me of being in the spa! Can a diffuser do that? I don’t know, it does for me! The opening is a little small. But it doesn’t bother me since I like the way it looks. Read the instructions on this one though, because you have to play around with a little piece inside it before pouring your water in. Once you get the hang, it’s no big deal. If you’re interested in any of the young living ones feel free to reach out to me via commenting or email!

You can get any of these last three diffuser by clicking the last link.

They usually have some specials so I will let you in on any deals that are going on. Plus if you’d choose to get them or it from me, you become apart of our like minded healthy community which is always doing fun things.

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